Friday, March 19, 2010

Verry Interesting

On the news last night there was a "Hot Topic"
50% of Canadians polled in a new survey AGREED with the decriminalization of Marijuana.
Now That's News! I felt everyone needed to know about it. It could be a turning point in our drug history! I myself am a prude, and do not do drugs. but I feel like, if marijuana was legalized, I'd have to partake in a little something something the day it happens, just to celebrate and be part of history. haha.

Next Hot Topic of the day.
My Beau bought a Motor bike..... Me? Not so happy.... it's ugly, i think. I told him i will never get on it with him because it's ugly. It makes me angry. He can be a wierdo all by himself, and have long lonely rides all by himself. and if he drops it, I Won't be visiting him in the hospital, because all I'd have to say to him at that point is, "I told You So"
Seriously tho, if you're going to buy a bike, at least pick a pretty one. That's all I have to say about the new bike.

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