Monday, March 29, 2010

More Home Renos, my house-wife life...

Today we had new windows put in the upstairs bedrooms. They are big, amazing, and beautiful! The view from my room looks over downtown Freddy, and it's to die for! even today, in all this rainy gloomy mess; the view is wonderful. My house is complete on the Inside! And it makes me soooo happy! Now on to the garden and driveway.

I've found a sweet wicker patio set at a local department store. it will look fabulous in my sun room and out in the back yard. I also found a matching picnic dinnerware set! sooo cute! *This is my domestic side fluttering about in house-wife dreams of fancy living.*

on a side note, I found these trash bags that are absolutely amazing! I rank them right up there with my Pink Toilet Paper.

And Also, found this sweet new-to-me blog: The Glamorous Life of a House Wife

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