Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fashion Crisis

It's time for an intervention... on Myself!

Did you ever have a moment of wakening? A flash of genius? A Lightning bolt of reality hit?

My reality check hit today as I stared in dismay at myself in my full length mirror. My top was to flouncy but my bust looked great. My hair was a little limp, but cute in a side swept pony. And then there were the Skinny Jeans.

I know I've said it before to other people; but I wish someone other than my Beau had said this to me: "Just because it's in style, doesn't mean you can or should wear it"

Lets be frank. I'm an upside down triangle body type. This equals, NO Skinny Jeans! Sure I can get away with a high pair of heels to even myself out; but in the end, I just look more obese than glam. And I only began wearing them as a selling point in my last job; and with that I had strict rules to follow in maintaining a desirable look. They have become a "Beauty Crutch" for my jeans wardrobe.

So I'm having a self-intervention and banning all skinny jeans from my closet for one month. After that, I hope to find the courage to dispose of them from my wardrobe forever! My tendency to hoard things will make that a challenge; so the one month ban will hopefully help me detach myself from this beauty crutch I have developed.

I found this BLOG (Brain of Gravey) about skinny jeans, it is hilarious! check it out!

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  1. Skinny jeans are terrible if you aren't a size 2 basically. I learned that the hard way 2 years ago when i started dating nate and wore a pair, he was like "you shouldn't wear skinny jeans my little hour glass girl, your hips are too big"
    nice thing for a dude to say, but he was right.