Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Changes, Careers, New Adventures

I did it. I found a job which showcases all of my amazing skill sets.  I blew the interviews out of the water and wowed the manegment team. I'm  so proud to say I finally did it. I got a job that meets my standards and my worth.

My new position will consist of manageing a team of super people. Setting goals and advancing my already awesome skill set.

The only thing I am worried about is the very lax dress code. I'm stepping from a sales position of semi-casual work wear, into management of a 'nerd-world' where everyone is proven to be worthy and they essentially let them "just be comfortable". Many of them wear jeans and hoodies to work....
This thought is attrocious to me. I will inevitably be the odd one out with my cute skirts and dresses. I don't wear pants often. I actually hate the way I look in pants. So you can usually find me in a cute skirt of dress with all the accessories that go with it.  and I will never sacrifice style for comfort. I dont believe anyone has to.

this will be an adventure...

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