Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Whole 30 Challenge


I'm still alive. But life has been particularly hard this past week.
In short, I spent some quality time in the hospital having lots of blood work done and feeling like utter crap. and now it's time for a big life change.

I'm starting with this: the Whole 30 Challenge. It's about eating clean and feeling rejuvenated.
This should be easy compared to the other things I will be soon giving up. One of them being roller derby. I've been told I can play for 1 more month, and then... if I want to be healthy in my life choices, I need to take a roller-break. *insert sadface here*

All things must come to an ... end... just for a little while.
Now I must find new ways to fill my time. So The Whole 30 Challenge will be an inspiring start to new things.

What new things should I add to my life list?
-my Hubby's work have a great Scuba Diving course. I'm going to try this I think.
- I am going to join Pump Classes at my gym, and do some light weight lifting to build up my muscles.
- I might take up a new craft. still not sure what this should be. Maybe jewelry making?

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