Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Right Answer.

I'm a good looking girl with a smart mind. It attracts all kinds... and often puts me into situations like this...

One Night, On a work meeting; I was sizing out a minor hockey team.
Boys aged 16-18, and their coaches.

Well, I made most of the boys nervous or bashful.
Men often tell me I am intimidating. I've come to terms with this fact.
and the men all took their turn chatting me up.

The next day I was recaping the sizes with the 2 head coaches.
We came to an assistant coaches name with the size 3XL next to it. He says "He's not a 3XL!"
I Replied, with a smile, "He said he's bulking Up" - ( as in working out a lot...)
Head Coach #2, "Oh God Who didnt hit on you last night!?!"

We laugh it off and move on.

Just before Head Coach 1 and 2 leave, Coach 1 turns to me and asks, "Do you have 'Mr.Bulk''s phone number?"
I reply, as I pull out my pen to take another note, " No. But I can take it down if you need me to call him?"
Head Coach 1, "Good. You dont need his number"
Head Coach 2, Laughing, "You passed the test. No was the right answer"

My personal Work Rule when dealing with flirtatious clients: always conduct yourself in a way that you would be proud of tomorrow. Do not sacrafice your career for someone elses agenda. No matter how handsome they are.

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