Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Diet & Cravings

I hate Dieting!
Who doesnt.
But with a Wedding in just 5 Months, I need to tone up! This means less bad snacks, less wine, less cupcakes, less of everything I love to eat. and most of all, less sugar! Sugar is my nemisis.

One of my main rules is - if it tastes bad, im not eating it! This limits a lot of what I will eat...
I'm also bad for - "If I'm craving it, I'm going to eat it! no matter what".

Here's some healthy substitutions for crazy cravings:

Crunchy salty snacks - a coworkder was eating salty nachoes and dip.and then She offered me one. *all I could think was, I hate You right now!*
Fix - I took one, because I would not get that craving to go away otherwise. but I stopped there. and finished it off with this, 10 Almonds. The Almonds give you the crunchy chewy satisfaction without all the salt and bad carbs.

Sweet Treats - Cupcakes and donuts
Fix - try and curb this with a banana or cup of fruit. It's the healthy surgars your body need with the sweet taste. I also like to mix fruit and yogurt together. This is my go to for treat cravings.

Also, Peanut Banana Protien shakes! This is just like cake in a cup, but super healthy for you.

Bored Snacking - When I am bored I like to eat.... this is so bad and so hard to curb.
Fix - I've cut out the crackers and nachoes and moved to grapes. I always have grapes at my work desk and in the fridge at home.

Eating Out -
Fix - Don't Do It! lol - as if. right? I love my social time, and eating out is the main way humans socialize together. So, I've taken to trying to choose healthier options.
But lets be serious, that never actually works. The BBQ Nachoes always call my name!
So I mentally cut my plate in half, and either take half home, or share with someone. It's all about portion control. You can eat whatever you want, as long as you moderate the really bad foods.

Follow up with Water. Lots of it! Flush those bad carbs out by drinking a big glass of water after every bad meal you eat. Order a glass with every dish and make sure you drink it! 
Even more important, go one for one with alcohol. 1 glass of wine, then 1 glass of water. Repeat.

If you have tips or tricks to help me curb my cravings, I'd love to hear them!

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  1. I drink a full glass of water about 10 minutes before eating. I'm often more thirsty then I am hungry, but a lot of times your body will recognize the thirst the same way as hunger! Makes portion control for meals a lot easier.