Thursday, June 7, 2012

Take Me Out for Date Night

As the world turns and we become more busy with our work lives, our social life tends to fall by the side and get kicked into the corner. As a strong couple we do a few things to keep the romance alive. We cook together, sleep in on weekends together, and take Saturday morning walks with coffee down by the river. but this is all planned. There's nothing spontaneous or exciting about a walk, and I hate cooking....

So the other day, as Spitfire and I walked hand in hand, I turned to him and asked : "Will you take me on a date? like a real date night date."

He looked at me and said "If my baby wants a date night, she'll get a date night!"
2 days later, I put on a fancy dress, threw up my hair, and we went out for dinner and drinks at a small downtown restaurant. And it was wonderful.

I give him the credit, he's a man, and they tend not to know how much romance and physical attention a women needs in comparison to them.
You may think I'm selfish here, but honestly; women need attention. A lot more attention than men do. We are creatures who seek out other touchy-feely people to fill the need we have to be loved. That's why women have so many friend, and guys have like, 2 friends.

Give a guy a beer and a kiss, and he's good for the week.
Girls need the morning  "I love you Hunny" before work and a hug when they come home. They need to be reminded they are special. they are so much more complex.

So this is my reminder to all you ladies.
Tell your man what you want. He will be more than happy to make it happen. and he will be SOOOO happy he didnt have to 'Mind read' as to why you just got all bitchy on him because he just doesnt know.

 But he's so willing to hear what I want and need, and happy to make it happen.

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  1. AWWW i love this. This is inspirational ha