Friday, June 15, 2012

Mr. Delivery: Awkward Moments 2

Mr. Delivery has become a new favorite of mine. He stops in on his way to meet with my boss, and we chat  until him or I need to get back to work. We exchange awkward jokes and he plugs me for Roller Derby updates.

 Truth is, I think I have a school girl crush on this guy... lol...
When I get crushy on someone I tend to put my foot in my mouth.
I do this awkward laugh thing. I get nervous when first start talking.
I make fun of people or tell stupid jokes to kill the awkwardness - last time I he dropped in I told him he was old. (he's not actually that old, maybe early 40's) and laughed at his weekend plans of ring toss at a bbq "party" - I used the term party loosely...

All that aside, I have a couple teammates who I think would make great matches with this guy.
He makes me smile and has an easy going nature, and he's handsome. I would happily pair him with any good single friend of mine.
I've been bugging him to get out for a Friday night skate with my team. He roller blades and would definitely be an exciting addition to our pool of derby fans and lovers.

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