Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meet The Rents

It's been exactly 1 month since I met Mr.SpitFire.
We've become inseparable. and life seems magical.
Will this honeymoon period ever end? I certainly hope not.

I have yet to tell me parents of my new love. They tend to get attached even more easily than myself when a new man enters my life. So I've held off on this one, waiting until the time is right. and also, because my dad may have a slight heart attack when he finds out my new beau is covered in tattoos and loves street bikes *My Father Hates these things*.

We are planing a surprise trip to see my rents next weekend! I'm excited for it. I havent seen my parents since Christmas. and I'm sure the conversation will go something like this:
Mom: "EEEEEEEE- MeShelly's Home!!!! & who's a boy....?"
Me to Dad: "Hello straight-edge-Daddkins... meet my boyfriend, SpitFire . . . ."
*and I'm not going to tell him anything before hand, hehe. I'll just watch his face and wait for that most definite predicted Africaans code language to come out while he says something rude about my new beau being covered in tats.*

I'm hoping the surprise visit will trump any other first impressions that could be made here. Wish us luck

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