Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunshine or Serious Commitment?

So, my mini-date with My Girl went well. We actually talked business for the most of it. and we caught up on life since the split. but no shenanigans ensued. I played it like a good girl. She paid for dinner, and we left separately.

Today, she asked me if I want to go on a vacation to Cuba with her for a week.
I would really love a sunny beach getaway right now, more than anything! but with her . . .?

A friend asked me: would I be upset if Spit Fire was going on dates with ex's?
I replied: "we have only been dating for 2 weeks. Should we be that serious already?"
after thinking about it, I decided, yes I probably would be jealous.

Tomorrow I'll introduce him to two of my best "screeners". These are the friends you subject your date to, to pick their brain and ask the hard questions. They will quiz him and check out his motives. Their opinion on the people I date is of huge importance for me. They ask the practical questions, while I sit and smile in my honeymoon like state.  They help me see through the shiny, and point out what is best for me. Essentially, I trust these people with my life completely.

I'm sure they will like him. I really like him.

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