Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mtrl Weekend Recap

I feel like I'm keeping a diary here. Over the past 3-4 years, my blog has gone from "a fashion guide for the small town freddy girl", to "Wedding bliss how-to's", to "the scandals of a single girl, diary inserts". Its interesting to look back and see how things have progressed in such a direction and brought me to this crazy time and place.

Its Tuesday, I'm back at work after a whirlwind weekend in Montreal for Roller Derby Boot Camp.
and I'm sure you're all dieing for deets on the French Diamond and my adventures.
Yes, we did see each other while in Mtrl together. He scored brownie points big time with my teammates by hooking us up with a swanky hotel downtown Mtrl, and getting free drinks at the bar (at the Hotel Vin Diesel had been staying at for the filming of the new Riddick movie.) This hotel is one of the highest class and most expensive stays in Mtrl. It was an epic posh night for us.
*Pictures of the hotel:

There was a giant chair is the corner of the room, you can't see here. which we named the "sex chair". It was so big, I slept on it as if it was a small twin sized bed.

  The Bar

He then came to the game Friday night : New Skids Vs Boston. New Skids Won!

and then out on Saturday to our big derby party at the Phoenix Bar.

We shared a few drinks and caught up.  But He's not the one for me right now. We do share a long distance romance, but thats all it can be.We can not be together, it just doesnt work.

It ended with FrenchDiamond thinking my teammate is my lover. Her and I shared a few glances at the bar while he was with me. You know how girls give each other flirty, stares just for fun. and then she made an angry face before we left; which he perceived as an envy of him taking up my time from her.
 He asked if she was angry I was with him. I said, "well, no, im sure she'll get over it if she is" 
So he thinks I'm dating her now. 
End relationship.

*********************Cut to Spitfire********************
My SpitFire guy has grown on me.I spent the weekend texting him every free moment I had. He's sweet, and funny, and we fit together easily. Nothing is complicated with him. Our conversations flow easily, and he has a knack for just knowing when to kiss me or hug me at the perfectly right time. Its a romantic honeymoon phase we're in. and I like it.

I am going to invest in this relationship. He seems worth it. He makes me smile.

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