Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Staff Party Aftermath 2011/2012

it's Monday morning, and I arrive at work, not entirely sure of what to expect.

at the staff party, I told my co-workers I have a girlfriend. I admit, I had a few to many glasses of wine, and confessed my real affections for this girl.

The look of shock and awe was resounding through the group. I work with very old school individuals, and many old fashioned personalities.
Some of them told me they are confused, as I seem like the type to only like boyz.

One of the older male co-workers of mine was utterly drunk, and proceeded to tell me how he could "turn me", and "to give him just one night; I won't regret it". He apologized profusely to me Monday morning after a fellow co-worker filled him in on this tragic conversation-fail.

Some of them are still bringing it up, and want to know more. it's slightly embarrassing, as I dont wish to make my personal life something that entwines with my work life. If I was dating a male, this would not be a topic of conversation. It would have ended the second after I said it out loud.

Welcome to the reality of same sex dating.

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