Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Hubby "Vinny" - Not Bridge Boy.

I rehung my engagement picture of my Ex-Big D. and I on the living room wall. (i know, i know. You are all thinking - this chick has lost her F***ing crackers now! fo' sheez!)
but I did a little editing to it first.... Here it is:

Yup. that's Vin Diesel! my new Hubby :) . This picture hangs proudly in my living room now. I follow him on FB and tagged him in it too. I hope I get a message from him(VinnyBabySexyHnny) about it one day *CrossingFingers!!!*

The other day Bridge boy and I were chilling on the couch watching T.V with my roomies. We were all making jokes about face book relationship statuses. I turned to him, and as a joke, said "would you like to be in an "It's Complicated" relationship with me on FB?
He replied - "
it would be better than nothing" *looks intently at me with wanting eyes*
I avoided this response and said: well I think I'm going to put "Its complicated with Vin diesel, to be funny"
He replied - "I'll have to change my name to Vin Diesel then :)"

I was instantly sorry I even brought it up.This conversation made me a bit uncomfortable, as we have only known each other a very short time, and how could he want a relationship already? This was the first of many moments to come in which he tries to label "US".

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