Sunday, September 18, 2011

Try Something New: Jamming - Roller Derby

My Roller derby team has started cross training everyone so that our next season will have many skilled and flexible players.I'm  more of a Bruiser and Blocker kinda girl. So the though of Jamming has always been one I find highly intimidating.

Tonight, at our Open House, we did some mock bouts and I Jammed twice! and it was a hell of a good time!
Finding those holes, dodging hits, and flying high speed around the track was as exciting as skydiving!

But I have a long way to go with endurance training before I can be a really good Jammer. It's time to start working on my speed and technique. and perhaps cutting back on my bad food habits :P Less wine, more veggies.

Here are some highlights from my last Bout: Daisy Cutters Vs. Daughters of Anarchy August 2011 - Pictures by Roy Crawford Photography & Stephen Galpin

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