Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Update Septempber Issue

My new Beau has asked me to attend a play with him.
A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen

My new Beau is a very smart individual. He has years of high class education and prefers classic music to modern day top 40's. In each conversation we have, there is always an analysis of the subject matter and a debate will  follow.

....and so, I was asked to see this play with him. He then told me to read it online before the date, so that I would better understand the medium and language being used; and I know he will be quizzing me on it after the play. In short - he gave me homework.

so what did i do? as per the Girlfriends Guide, I looked it up on Spark Notes:A Doll's House  :D (Shhhhhh. dont tell him my secret!)

It's actually a good read if you haven't read it before. I am looking forward to the play this Friday :) and more excited to see the costumes!

So This is my life update.
My roomies are awesome and my Boyfriend gives me homework :P
and Life carries on...

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