Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Roller Derby Wish List Items

Sunday night at Derby practice I talked with a Fresh Meat Girl about Gear. So I decided to make a list of name brands myself and my teammates love, to help all of you Fresh Meat when you order your gear.
Check this out and then go see the Neon Skate & Bruised Boutique sites for more deets:

1. Protech mouth guard -from Bruised Boutique
2. Poison Wheels - are more sticky and great on our floors - from Neon Skates
3. Scabs or Killer Pads - knee pads- have been a hit with our derby girls - Neon Skates
4. Skates- I find most people have started with the Ridell, and then switched to She Devils or Antiks -Neon Skates
5. Gumball Toe Stops - Neon Skates
There are many more brands and tools out there too. you need to play the game to feel how everything works. Every floor is different, so one night you might use the Poison wheels and at an away game, you might need a wheel with less grip. The key is, talk about the gear with your team mates and girls who already own items on your wish list. And replace your gear regularly. Knee pads that are a year old and worn away will not save you for very long.

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