Sunday, September 25, 2011

GirlfriendsGuide: Lipstick and Skin Tone

I'm on the hunt for a new lipstick today. 
I've done some google-ing on what lip shades go with what skin tones.

Here is what I've found: something for everyone:

From "Easy Makup Guide"
For dark beige and bronze skin:

- a deep cool red lipstick with a burgundy tone is perfect for you. See color

For ivory and light beige:

- I recommend a cool true red. However, if you have a very fair complexion, look for a red with a pink tint to it. See color

For pale skin & red hair:

Avoid: blue reds.

- Very pale with freckles, and burns easily you have pink (WARM)undertones.
- choose terracotta reds or deep brick reds which complement skin and hair. See color

Medium skin, mid-brown hair:

Avoid: tomato reds.

- choose COOL reds such as berry reds or deep raspberry. See color

Fair skin, blonde to brown hair:
Avoid: terracotta reds.

- you have mostly pink undertones. - try blue-red lipsticks as these make skin appear creamier. See color

Olive skin, brown hair:

Avoid: blue-reds.
- Go for tomato reds or deep burgundies to make skin look brighter. See color

And then I shuffled threw some and found many people promoting Pink and Pale Pinks to go with my tanned skin tone.

I'm still a big fan of the red. So I may buy a red and a pink, but definitely going to try a pink today. Thank you beauty queens for sharing your tips and  tricks with my blog world.

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