Thursday, July 7, 2011

Online Ghosts of Past

The online site I use to meet people has a feature called "Meet Me".
This is were men click on the "Meet Me" button and then you get a list of men to shuffle through and must reply "yes" "maybe" or "no", and if it is a "yes" match, then they are sent a notification that I want to meet them too.

well, as I was shuffling through; who did I have the pleasure of viewing?

That Bastard Big D.; It read: "Big D. wants to meet you!"

I thought to myself. You crazy Bastard M*****F******!!!!!
Why wont you F*** off and let me be!?!?! Why the hell would we hook up on this site, Why the hell would you want to "Meet Me"!? You are not a part of my life and you never will be again!!!!

And every time I have to deal with this issue, Its still makes me tear up. I just want to move on with my life...

"I know the lipstick won’t fix it
But I’ve gotta put my game face on...

So I gotta pretend that I’m not gonna miss you
I gotta pretend that this is what I wanna do
I gotta pretend when I walk out that door
That I don’t love you anymore
I gotta play the part act like it aint killin’ me
Gotta play the part when you try stopping me
Hide what’s written on my face
Dig deep in the makeup case
And cover it with Lipstick"

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