Monday, July 11, 2011

J-Roc and other sexy men

I'm averaging about 20 messages on my dating profile right now every time I log in. It's actually quite impressive. Guys seem to think I'm exceptionally interesting when hidden behind a computer screen. It took me about 2 hours to write back to each one tonight. and of those 20, I probably only have interest in 5. so most of the messages are evasive tactics trying to nicely tell these guys, "sorry. not interested".

oooooh! time for dating update #1!

So I met a guy at a bar after pre-corresponding via online date site. thank goodness I was with friends who could save me. This sneaky bastard only had one profile pic. and we had been txting for a few days, so i figured he was nice enough and got the safe vibe from him.

Yup. He's super safe. One of his appendages was not quite all there... this guy couldnt give you a good spanking if you wanted one. and I'm not one to be judgemental. but when you go to meet a pretty girl, you best not spring the "opps, forgot to tell you bout my 'little' appendage" on this chick! I bolted for the nearest exit. but unfortunately, as my ladies and I were leaving to grab some after bar bites, he comes up behind me and is like "HEY!!!" *grabs me for big hug here* and I'm all, "oh dear whats happening"! I hate people in my bubble. especially randoms like this. He said "call ME", I replied "OK". and have avoided his txts ever since.

and tonight I received a particular gem in my inbox. This guy looks and sounds just like J-Roc from the Trailer Park Boys. here's an example if you dont know who I mean:

Picture J-Roc, but as a real life man, who has selected the "Meet Me" feature in our online dating world. oh I'm such a lucky lady.

And my final thought of the night: Facebook saved my soul - yes, I still feel like an online whore. There are too many guys, and not enough time. Every time I add a new guy to facebook, I fear I've made a huge mistake; and sometimes that feeling is exactly right. But, Once you have them on facebook you can really bring out the stalker claws, and creep'em good. Most of these guys look less attractive once you get the FB profile side of life. My biggest mistake in meeting the losers, is, I didnt add them to FB first! If I had, then I wouldnt have gone on a first date with them! It gets me every time.

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