Monday, July 18, 2011

B.C. Travels

I landed in Victoria BC on Saturday at 11am. From there I was whisked away into the mountains and taken to a wonderful family celebration. My Brother's Fiance's Father just got married, and they threw a huge party Saturday night.

On Sunday we took a wine tour and hit 8 different winery's before we could carry on no more. We bought at least 1 bottle of wine from each winery. When we got home, we had 10 bottles of our favorite wine! I took a bunch of photos on my digital camera, and when i went to upload them, my SD card got stuck in that stupid slot on my computer and scrambled something. so - sad face - no pictures for now. I hope to find a smart techy guy who can save my files and bring them back from the dead.

Today, Monday, I met my big brothers Fiance for lunch at a place called "Sally's Buns". They have this amazing recipe where they fill the bun with all kinds of yummy toppings and cream cheese. We split a tomato and bacon bun, and had an amazing salad, where you pick 4 salad toppings and the dressing. This place was phenomenal!

after lunch, I went on a downtown adventure. I had a wonderful chat with a diamontologist. She was so helpful in my quest to rid myself of the negative feelings attached to my diamond engagement ring. She told me this Fabulous Fact:

"Only 10% of all women in Canada will ever hold a 1ct solitaire diamond. and even less will own one."

My diamond is a beaut! I'm thinking I just may keep her for a while. she could turn into quit the family heirloom.

Then I hit The Bay, and ventured to my favorite section: CHANEL

At CHANEL I bought 2 colors of my favorite Lip gloss - the Brilliant Extreme Glossimer Line - 124 Venus, in pink and 106 Myriade, in red.

And after spending my complete savings on lip gloss, I almost sold my soul for a pair of amazing gold stiletto heals from a very pricey shoe department. I managed to talk myself out of the euphoria and carried on with my day.

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