Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Independance! ...well... almost

I've done it!

My new bed is put together; with help from my friend and her lovely BF. I've realised I'm utterly too co-dependant for my own good. I always need someone to help me or save me. This bed had a million steps and a million pieces. It felt like my life I was piecing together. I felt over-whelmed and didnt know where to begin. I hated the thought of doing it myself. (much like the thought of being alone) My friend and her Beau came to my rescue. They helped me get started and gave me encouraging words. But they could only do so much. I needed to finish it by myself. I needed to learn how indepandant I can be!

And I Did!

I also found the perfect light brown animal print bedding and Pink sheets to go with it!

I chose a Pink and animal print theme for my room. Originally i wanted leopard print, but this town has NOTHING! I scooped every shop and every mall. I could not find one decent leopard print fabric to even quilt with. I found this in a discount section of a big chain store.

And the carpet with the shoe! To die for!

I'm doing Me; learning how to be single again; and boy am I girly! I love it though. This is just who I am.

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  1. it looks amazing and girly, just like you ;) love it!