Tuesday, May 3, 2011

GG: Dating. Or Something like it

Online dating is a funny thing.
You have to be adventurous, trusting, carefree. if you are not these things, then it probly wont work for you.

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I created an online account on a local website, and have had many men oogle over my personal pictures.

Firstly, this is flattering, and gave me a boost of confidence I was lacking . Secondly, it can be overwhelming and scary. people creeping your profile, and judging your pictures can be very unnerving.

Then, I met a man who was nothing like his profile. He showed up in a jeans jacket and work boots. ick. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. and on my profile I am very explicit in saying "You need to be outgoing". This guy was BORING! and didn't like anything I liked.

The positive story is this:
I went on a second date with a different guy.
Yes. After the first horrible experience. I got back on my horse, and tried again.
And He was funny! and outgoing! and made me laugh all night long! I never looked at the clock or noticed the time, until it was very late into the night. He may not be Mr. Right, but whats wrong with Mr Right Now?

"I Still Believe in Love. Just not with you"

And Life Goes On...

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  1. Go out and have fun! Thats the most important thing.. Also you never know where things will end up!