Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wine Kit Tips

My friend Lady J. and I have been getting together and trading our wine tips.
Here is a list of my top favorite Wine Kit Accessories to make your wine making easier and more efficient.

Bottle Rinser - you place the bottle upside down and push pump the bottle a few times for a spray rinse cycle with "Pink Stuff" sanitizer. Takes seconds to clean.

Wine Bottle Jet - same idea as the Rinser. but this one attaches to your sink tap. and you can pick from a few styles for this one.

Wine bottling hose tip - don't mess with kinking the hose every time you fill a bottle. With this tip, you simple push down to release the wine into the bottle. Once the bottle is filled, you pull the hose up and the tip pops back out and stops the wine from flowing out. No spills.

Bottle Tree - dry bottles in a compact way.

and here's a debate for you readers - My friends soak their corks. I've herd of people boiling corks. And my Fiance and I don't do anything before corking, we just dry cork.
Do you treat your corks before using them?

Here's a good article I found on this Corking Topic From Wine Maker Magazine

*Pictures via Goggle Search and BrewGagets*

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