Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Single and... not so fabulous.

I attempted to jump back on the party train a bit to early. I have some nice before and after pics now. haha.

My before pics feature my cute sexy girl outfits, and sexy tall shoes.

Hmm. what do you get when you mix :
1 part broken heart
1 part pretty girl
20 parts to much alcohol
and 1 pair of high high heals

Well, this is what you get: a broken heart and a bruised knee :P

I lost my girlfriend at the bar. Was Way to intoxicated to function at this point. was then picked up by a guy friend I knew from years past. His intentions were bad to say the least. Then he took me back to his place; which didn't turn out the best for him. I took a note out of my book of R. and "Barged".

I fled the scene, like a crazy drunk girl. stormed out of his place. i didnt say a word as i got up and left. He was stunned and confused. (and apperently has had a crush on me for years. correction, wanted to sleep with me for years)

and then I walked home, sad and upset. to an empty house. but I was happy to be alone at the end of that night.

I've realised I can't always be the super girl and jump back on the horse. I'm still angry, and hurt. I need to be a little broken bird for a while and let my wings heal the right way before I can take flight again.


  1. So true about needing time to heal! It will get better.

  2. Sometimes barging is a necessity.. and it will get better. :) Anybody would need time after that.