Monday, April 18, 2011

Funny Twitter Topics

Caution: Not For Virgin Eyes!!!

I've taken up a new pass time activity which makes me slightly giddy. But this isn't a blog about that. It's about the after events created from my Giddy Tweeting.

I tweeted this:
"LOL-ing at my new pastime activity. . " haha oh me...

catch phrase #Life Is Good

and I've come to anticipate the related topics to my " # " statements on Twitter. but this one is the best of the week. (perhaps mainly because I have a dirty mind)

This is what was top-related under "#LifeIsGood"

"warm cum and jamal gripping my firm testicles while fingering my tight, lubricated asshole... "

LOL. Also, Sick. who are these kids? geez :P

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