Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fresh Outlook on Life

When life gets hard, I like to reorganize and revamp my home.

It helps my mind flow, and I just Feel Better once I've taken charge and made some pleasant changes to my life.

My rents helped me purchase this lovely new bed for my "new" room. I'm moving rooms in the house, because I believe it will make me feel more comfortable, and get me out of a negative space that has a lot of empty and angry feelings connected to it.

I'm also looking forward to 2 new roommates! there's nothing better than a close girlfriend. and these two ladies are the best girlfriends around! They've been there for me in an amazing way these past few weeks, from helping me drill nails and screws, to just being there when I needed a good cry-sesh.

What do you do to change your life?


  1. I love it! re-vamp that place and make it YOURS!

  2. I would suggest a bonfire. One because they are lots of fun and can involve drinking and marshmellows. And two because its theraputic to burn all the shit the reminds you of him :)