Friday, March 25, 2011

Work and Charity

To all the Famous-people's-Secretaries...

I'm sorry for bothering you.

Today at work I had the lovely and exciting task of doing Follow-up calls to some of our "Wish List" Famous people. in short - We are asking celebrities to paint for us.

I got to talk to many wonderful secretaries and agents of *Eugene Levi (American Pie Dad), Cory Monteith (Glee), and Evangeline Lilly (Actress). Just to name a few.
And most of you were wonderful people,*even though you threw out the request/info letters we sent you ...didn't think we'd follow up huh? :P* nice enough to at least listen to my "Our Cause Speech" .

and then.... some of you clearly were having a bad day.
You don't need to frown on us little people like that you know. We are working just as hard as you. Not to mention, I work for a Non-Profit Organization! which means I probly make a hell of a lot less than you and work a lot harder than you. (and you work for famous people, so you DEFINATELY make more than i do!)

So really, would it kill ya to be friendly on the phone?

Just Sayin'

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