Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 1: Roller Derby Workout Challenge

Today was Day #1 of the Roller Derby Workout Challenge 2011!
I'm feeling Great! Craving some post Christmas chocolate, but I'm sure that will pass.

Here's the break down of the group I joined for this fabulous 8 week event:

Name:Roller Derby Workout Challenge
Category:Sports & Recreation - Professional Sports
Description:NEW CHALLENGE STARTS JANUARY 9TH!!!! We invaded your living rooms with Roller Derby Workout and now we want you to take your training to the next level!! We have bumped heads with some of the best fitness experts in the business to create a killer 8-week program designed specifically for roller derby athletes. We want to transform you from a roller derby girl into a roller derby athlete. This isn't about being skinny it is about being strong. But don't blame us if your skinny jeans become your fat pants. See you in January!!!
Privacy Type:Open: All content is public.
(Image from WickedSkateWear)

Discussions and Advice Include:
Nutrition for Vegetarians
Workout Plan Week One
Meal Plan Week One &
Frequently Asked Questions

Tonight I had my usual 2 hour Derby practice with my FAB teammates. and burned tons of cals! my legs are burning! So much fun! We worked on booty-blocking and defensive-contact. LOVE IT! There's really no better way to lose weight and Feel GREAT!
I'm also calorie counting to help lose some extra bulges before the wedding in August. I've always had great results from Calorie Counting in the past. Let's hope I can keep it off after the wedding lol.

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