Thursday, December 2, 2010

Roller Derby Dec 1st 2010 Practice

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Last nights Derby practice was wicked fun!!!

Our coach set up an obstacle course on the track to make us practice skills like skating on one foot to get by tight places, zig-zag around obstacles, and push ourselves to think and act fast.

Most of the girls started by just skating around the obstacles - chairs, pylons, rubber mats, broom sticks. When I got to the broom, I decided I was going to knock Coach's socks off and jump over it. Since I learned how to jump a few weeks ago, and wanted to test this out for realz. I did it, and everyone followed pace! It was sweet. Then Coach started adding in obstacles and moving things around to make us really think fast.

There were a few wipe-outs. It was awesome!

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  1. My ribs still hurt from wiping out after I copied you jumping over that damn broomstick!