Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010: We put up a REAL Christmas Tree!

Here's the crew, all slubbed out and bawlin with the tinsel! Our new adoptee - Miss Slovakia :P - has officially moved in. Everyday is like a crazy fun house.

And the Christmas parties are coming! We've been invited to 3 on one night already! Crazy!
Rocking the Advent Callendars - Notice, we each have 2... one for eating and one for counting! lol.

I Love Christmas!

And then Best part? Our new tree lights change color in a "wave effect" from Blue to Red. Soooooo Pretty *happy Sigh*

And our Tree came from the lovely Shriners Men! Since we Failed at finding one in the wild, during our drive from PEI back to Freddy last weekend; We decided to at least support a good cause!

Happy First Day of December 2010!!!

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