Wednesday, October 20, 2010

House-Wife Diaries: Creepy Garden Lady

Big D. is best known on our street as Mr. Martha Stewart by all of our neighbors. He's always working in the yard, fixing up the house, building things from scratch. And everyone loves him. They all stop and chat to him while he works away in the yard.

The best pick-up line to date:
2 old ladies out for their walk say to Big D. "What you gonna do with all those muscles when you're done?"

Some of them talk a bit too much it seems.

One old lady has been trading garden secrets with him for a while now. She really enjoys his company. So much, she confides how she hates her husband and is so unhappy. Big D. thinks she is alluding to the fact she would like to kill him, from what he has been told. The other day she called Big D. over to come look at something in her back yard. He avoided her request and hurried off to work.

This woman does have the loveliest garden on the block. I think she fertilizes it with human ground flesh.

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