Thursday, October 21, 2010

Check Up Time

We took the Little White and Orange Monsters to the vet for their check ups.

Princess Paris is doing fabulously! She's a Beautiful 4 pounds, and healthy!

Little Mr Toby weights 4 pounds 3 ounces! But is not so healthy. He's had a cough which we were eager to have checked out. The poor baby has a Trachea irritation something. And is on meds for the next week or so, to try and find out whats causing the inflamation of his throat.

I'm calling him my little Asthma Boy now. We have to stop using smelly and irritant products like cologne and cleaners with heavy chemicals. If you know about asthma or know what I should be doing please fill me in, as I'm a little stunned on how to improve my house to make him better. Big D and I are "perfect" per-se, and have no real experience with these things.
Toby is a little mellowed-out on the doggy drugs we are giving him right now... not much change, he just sleeps more :P

Little Gremlin Charlie did not have to go to the vet, as he's currently up to date; lucky boy.
But other than that, we are all Healthy!


  1. if he has trachea issues, then asthma is probably ruled out as it's really only an issue with the bronchi (tubes leading to the lungs filling with air) filling up with mucus and spasming and your vet would pick up on that. also your vet would have given you a doggie puffer. but if the vet mentioned it as a possibility and didn't send for x rays right away, i would definitely consider getting a new vet and keeping the house super dust free and keep a fan going as it keeps the air circulating. Also this may sound super weird, but trust me on this (my mom's dog has a closing trachea and she has pretty bad attacks with that, we thought it was asthma but it wasn't)when your dog starts doing that funny breathing thing and looks like he's starting to choke or whatever he does, rub his back, gently push his snout down towards his chest and talk VERY VERY softly to him, calms them right down.