Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy First Day of Fall Everyone!

The last few days have been wonderful, weather wise. And this week is especially great because all the new seasons in T.V. Land are begining!
What are you watching this week????

I've succesfully vegged out to :
"House" on Monday
"Glee" on Tuesday

The next Premier on my list is Thursdays "Grey's Anatomy"
followed by "Private Practice".

And Finally, "Dexter" on Sunday.

It's a good time to live alone. Big D. calls and asks the typical "Do you miss me" mushy, mushy questions; and this week I've been all but completely truthful while telling him, "of course hunny" :P I'm just so wrapped up in studying for my new career in the minuscule time slots left from T.V Land Lineups and girlfriend get togethers.

It's been nice to have everything My Way. Without having to compromise or work around someone else's schedule. And I've been spending lots of time with some new and old friends who have moved up the hill from me. (Reminder to self; tonight's poker night)

Big D. always calls and says he's working on coming home sooner than planed. I've learned not to get my hopes up; and to keep myself busy while he's gone. And, I've officially decided to join Roller Derby! This will take up some more of my free time, and I'll meet so many new and fabulous Ladies! Wish ME Luck Everyone!

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  1. Greys is definitely on my list, along with Gossip Girl which just started its new season on Monday.
    I love fall!