Friday, September 24, 2010

Feels like Butterflies

Do you ever get butterflies in your stomach? specifically from cute guys? Do you still have *Crushes* on people? (picture from google images)

My new instructor gives me butterflies.
At first, I would avoid him because he gave me that funny feeling. But there's just no avoiding him! He's handsome and funny; and every girl in class will use any excuse to have him come over an "help" her with assignments. Particularly, my neighbor. So he's always right there, in an arms length; speaking softly and smiling at you as you try focus, but clearly can't.

I've avoided eye contact with him a much as possible all week; but then, every once in a while, he'll catch my eye and give me that melt-your-heart-makes-your-tummy-flutter-smile.

A past classmate once mentioned his allure to me; I didnt pay it any attention; but now I completely see what she meant.

And today, he went out of his way,to speak to me! As I was passing in my quiz and turning to leave; he rolled his chair over to catch me before I walked off; smiled at me, and said:
"I have to ask..."
Me: *Oh, my... he's talking to me, ... to ME!*
Him: "You must have lots of shoes"
Me: *School-girl-blushing; excited that he noticed my shoes!* "Hehe, Yes"
Him: "You seem like you would" *smiles his sexy smile at me as if he knows about my secret crush*

I then laughed a little school girl giggle, (looking back; this makes me want to puke a little..) and promptly got my bum out of there; feeling butterflies and disgusted at myself for being so taken and childish. But it made my day!

I have one more week of classes before I'm on my way to my fabulous new career; and I'm happy to have the eye candy to spur me through this last stretch.

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