Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Lovely Monday. ....mostly.

BeauCoup Wedding Favors is providing these extravagant gifts for my wedding guests!!! I'm so excited!
They are Diamond Ring Key Rings. and can be used as paper weights.
I found them while comparing prices for my favors online. they are a semi-small company from California. Isn't it so silly, how you can find an item in California and ship it to now-where-NewBrunswick for less than buying in our own country!

And *I Hope* my sorority sisters, of the new generation this year, will be making me a few dozen chocolate roses for a rose bouquet favor display!

On the weekend my mother and I scored a whole treasure trove of wedding decor for an extremely low price. This sweet find has turned my wedding into an even bigger and better event than I had originally planned. And the theme has gone from roses, to Diamonds and Roses! So Fabulous!

on a not so fabulous note; Big D. was stung by something strange... his arm has swelled up to twice the size. and he's not a very big guy... so it looks horribly scary! so We're chillin at the clinic tonight. how fun....

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