Thursday, August 12, 2010

lots to talk about

I have 3 main topics I want to talk about today. So I'll divide them into sections for easy reading.

Topic #1
Facebook has made me proud. This is a rare and epic event I must add. They have taken on the AMBER Alert program, and the Fredericton group already has 16,000+ members who "Like" this application.
I think this is GREAT!
I like knowing that the media is going to save lives and better our community, rather than create gossip and drama as it usually does. It will make abductions nearly impossible to happen and escape without intervention. So I am proud to say, I've "Liked" this application on my FB page!

Topic #2

I had a Fabulous Dinner Party last night for all of my favorite local ladies! I have 4 or 5 different groups of friends who don't know each other. So, This past monday, I decided I want everyone to come over and meet each other, and stuff themselves with all the yummy food I could find in my kitchen.
It went GREAT!
Everyone got along so well; with tones of food, we drank wine and cocktails, made a girly craft, and watched Big Brother 12. I love hosting events for the people I love! And the turnout on my guest list was 90% which is especially amazing!

I know sometimes you have different groups of friends who don't particularly mesh well together, but last night I had the best crew around! Since I've graduated from my Sorority life, I don't have the "instant party" following me around anymore. I just have select groups of friends now. It was nice to see where I've come from; and now, where I am going and who is going forward with me into the future.


Topic #3.
This is an issue I'm kind of torn over. It's good, but also bad.
Part 1. Big D.'s Alberta Boss has offered him a position out there upon completion of his Masters program. This is Great, because our lives will be stable, and he'll have the career of his dreams. The pay he's been offered is ridiculously good; I could potentially be the stay at home mother I dream of being.
But I'm torn because, we'd be leaving our first home; moving out west; away from all family and friends; probably to a more rural environment. I could also get a better job in AB, as there are vast job opportunities there compared to the few measly choices here. But I so very much want to start my little family here. I feel like we'd be selling out on happiness just for him to make more money.
Part 2. Big D. gets to come home this Monday. It's great because he's coming home 2 weeks early. But it's bad, because they are sending him back for 3 weeks in September/October. So, I was happy when he first told me; then my heart sank when he said he will be leaving again.

It's like ,he just gets back and we have to say good-bye again.

So I have a lot of decision making to do over the next year with Big D. Sometimes, I wish I hadn't chosen this adult life so quickly, and had taken the path my brother took; adventuring the world over before settling down. But, when I'm 45 my kids will be heading off to university, while the bro's kids, if he has any by then, will still be in diapers or teen distress, haha.

Darn Life! Why must you be so hard!?!

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