Sunday, August 1, 2010

Drama - Beware

Ke$ha's song "Backstabber" is the perfect theme song to what's going on around me right now.

My girlfriend cheated on her Fiance; waite make that 2 or more girls I know have done this to their significant others. Everyone wants to take sides and talk shit. My fiance and I support our couple friends fully, and it's up to them to work it out. So everyone else needs to cut them some slack. Life and love are sometimes hard.

**Let me clarify - if my guy cheated on me; I would definately be kicking his ass out the door! as he would to me. We've had that discussion. as a couple we know, nobody is perfect. But it's not our business what other couples do; UNTIL it starts affecting our lives. In which case, this recent split did in a negative way, and thus is why I am ranting right now**

But those girls who turn their back on their friends, you're no better than the cheater. You dont know the whole story. Stop thinking you're better than everyone else. Maybe you have a secret you're trying to hide, and this couple has shown what the ugly truth really looks like.

To those "fake friends" who use and abuse your friendship. please stop txting me, calling me, asking for wine, drives, and my personal time. Pretending you want to hang out with your fake smiles and msg's. I am tierd of giving you wine, a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to gossip in; when all you do is rant about being a feminist and then turn around and say something stupid like, "I'd sleep with a guy for his car". Um, Newsflash, That's What Hookers Do!

Dear Best Friend, You've really sucked this past week. you know why. enough said.

The angry-wives-club has dissapated, but still fill me with fears of wedding failure. I don't care if your marriage failed. I'm still going to believe in love, and that when 2 peopl love each other, they get married; and make it work.

So, to everyone who's talking shit, spreading shit, and just plain stupid; This one's dedicated to you!


This drama has been filling my mind, up to the boiling point. So much, to the point where I've found it hard to blog lately. I appologise, and will resume bloging respectively, about happier things; hopefully within the next few days.

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  1. I love how support you and big D are to everyone and its hard to find friends like that so you should be cherished - r. and I certainly think highly of both of you.

    And I currently have enough love that it reaches across to the other side of the world and vice versa with the love r. is sending me. Always believe in love and happily ever after. Our weddings will be blissfully lovely and fabulous because we believe in love and will not stop believing in love and ourselves and our partners.