Friday, July 23, 2010

Dance the night away

how much do i love my life?
tonight i bought a new dress. sent my love a picture, and went danceing with my best friend and her hot vrench cousin.
we were hit on by tones of army men...
and then i went home, I picked up subway, and chatted up the subby-people about he King street closure, they say it only hinders people leaving the area, and it hasn't really helped the cause. I reminded them, there are less people running infront of cabs and cars at the end of the night, that must count? they just laughed.
Then I caught a cab, in which I met a fellow African!!! He was from North Africa. We reminisced about mean cabbys and mean cab-goers and had a great laught at Canadians... (waite, shhhh I didnt tell you that!) I told him how lucky I was to find my own Canadian Boy and how I'm getting married! He said to me, Oh, You shouldn't marry Canadian, you should be marrying a African! lol. such a sweet heart!
oh did I mention he goes to university. AND drives a cab! hahaha the irony! Such is Freddy Town!

Now I'm off to bed, and looking forward to a breakfast date with my naughty miss JoJo in the morning!

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  1. Freddy.. what a great city. I miss it a lot.