Thursday, April 22, 2010

Try Something New, Everyday!

I'm on a role today! In class we discussed how doing something new everyday will enhance your life and keep your brain active. I love the psychology behind this! I've decided to start a new adventure in my life, and try something new everyday, until I really cannot find anything left to try.

I want to push my boundaries and have exciting things to talk about with my friends(all of you!).

Some of the categories I will probably cover are:

  • Food - different food, different tastes, different ways of cooking

  • My Daily Routine - taking different routes to get to class. waking up early to do some extra work outs, or watch the sun come up from my roof-top.

  • crafts - make something I thought would be hard

  • visit new places

  • do something sciencey - cuz I'm horrible at anything math or science related! it would be a challenge.

  • video games - cuz the Fiance loves them, it could be a bonding activity....

This can be anything from a big idea that takes committment and time; or it can be a simple task that takes 2 minutes. It's all about expanding your personal boundaries and skills.
If you have ideas of things I could try; Please Post them!


  1. i really like this plan!! i think i'm going to try to do it too!

  2. Hey this is a nice idea.... I write down my happy moments from everyday. So you can try that. Definitely give it a try

  3. sweet idea Ratz! I think everyone should try this!