Thursday, March 11, 2010

Make-Over Needed Here

There is a girl in my class who reminds me of the
Sex and the City Episode "Pick a Little, Talk a Little"
She actually still wears scrunchies in her hair. seriously, scrunchies. i dont understand people who continue to wear 12 year old accessories at this age.
I do admit I still rock the bows and flowers, but I've made them a neccessary part of my wardrobe and people take my style with class.
A scrunchy will never scream class.

I also have a new instructor.
I am secretly sceeming to send her on a "what not to Wear" episode.
She's a tiny little cute thing.
But her clothers are WAY TOOO BAGGY!
If you are a size 3, please rock the body God Gave You!
Random observation: I get the desire to give 1 in 10 people make-overs as I wander through my everyday tasks.

1 comment:

  1. i feel that way when i see really skanky girls. old and young. I just want to throw them in a 3 way mirror and say "STACY AND CLINTON DO NOT APPROVE HO BAG"
    I saw one lady at the grocery store with skin tight painted on jeans and honest to god she was BURSTING out of them. Now i'm not the thinnest person (i'm also not fat, just pleasantly kind of in between, a chubby size 6) but she had to have been at least a size 16 wearing a size 12. It was scary and I put all the treats we picked out back on the shelves and watched What Not To wear.