Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Shoes!

I got new shoes today! And I'm Soooo Excited! this will appall many of you......................

They are Sneakers! *Sketchers Shape-Ups* So, not just any sneakers.

I'm not one for sneakers. but man i had to get on this train! podiatrists have been recommending them to their patients who have everything from stress to knee and back pain.

And the best part??? They are Velcro Fastened! Sweet Sweet Love. I feel like a fifth grader with her new shoes and kit bag on the first day of school. Can't wait to "Shape it up" haha!

How did I come to fall for such a deal today? Well this is another epic shopping tale.
I was at my local beauty store, as I had herd from a tiny birdy that "China Glaze" nail polish was 2 for 8$, Amazing! And I've had an inkling for some fresh yellow. So I scored 2 new spring colors: "Happy Go Lucky" Yellow, and "Turned Up Turquoise" Neon.

As I made my purchase, I spied with my little eyes, across the way, a new store!!!! "The Shoe Company" and It is the Grand Opening ToDay! How Perfect! after this I wandered over, and found the shoes. I am just the luckiest girl in the world right now.

MMMMmmmmm. This yellow makes me happy :)

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