Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ParaCord Survival Bracelet

The Perfect Gift For *Him*

I discovered the perfect gift for my hubby. The Para-Cord Survival Bracelet. Its tough, manly, and practical. It can be used in survival situations, and looks great.

"You can take parachute cord apart, using the seven inner strands for various functions such as shelter building, traps, net making, repairs, etc. The seven inner strands can be broken down further to make fishing line, etc. So if you have 10 feet of parachute cord, you actually have seventy feet of inner strands, and still have 10 feet of nylon shroud, which can also be used to tie things."
 I'm going to make one myself. *Yay for Homemade!* The pattern is simple, and if you've ever made a "friendship bracelet" as a child, the process is basically the same.

This one has a whistle on it!

And I'd love to try this pattern out! My guy is a Soldier, and it would be perfect for him, and any guy in his family.

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