Thursday, March 7, 2013

Crafty Queen

I've been inspired by one cool mom.
She's over at "All this For Them" making tons of cute things for her kids, and some things for herself too.

I have the sewing bug! I may have found that "something new" I was looking for to fill my upcoming extra time. I want to buy a sewing maching and learn to sew. All kinds of things! Toys, gifts, Accessories, Cute kids things.  This will be fun. This blog reminded me of years ago when my mother would sew me clothes as a very little girl. I have many happy memories and photos of things she did. and I think this would be a great thing for us to share.

now...I just need to get a sewing machine.

Here's some of my favorite things from "All This For Them"
"Mommy and Me" shirts. How cute is that!

I Love Love LOVE this little top! A must try. It's too cute, and She said she did it in a revisible style too! how perfect.


I love the story of the lumpy bumpy turtle. Anything I made would probably look kinda like this too.

The coolest little boys shirt ever. What kid wouldn't love this.
I wonder how crafty I can be. I'm excited to give some of these thnigs a try.

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