Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The past weekend SpitFire and I spent time with our friends and their 3 kids. We went down to for a hair competition styling, and were stormed stayed for 2 nights. Here's a few snapshots of what fun we had and the things we learned:

I spent a bit too much time with a 12yr old girl and fine tuned the art of the joke "That's what she said". I had forgotten how hilarious this punch-line was.

My Hair went from all Black long curls to Black with Purple Dark and Light shaded highlights and spirals.

When you live in a small place, the news can be so hilarious. We had an adult game of "Things" in which every answer included either Farts or the latest News headline involving a man found masturbating while fondling a dog ... He was charged with "interfering with the lawful enjoyment of a property"...

and... This is what happens when a 6yr old gets a hold of your favorite RIMMEL London Pink Blush Lipstick... smudged and smashed...

Time to get back to work... 'Thats what she said'.

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