Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cooking Fail of the Day

I am a horrible cook.
I just don't cook. and I really shouldn't cook.
I usually stick to veggies, fruit, popcorn or anything super simple, for this very reason.

and then sometimes I like to "try" and be cooking savvy. and that's usually when this happens...
I burn things. Everything. So much, that I have gotten used to eating my burnt food because I hate to waste whatever it is I was trying to cook.

Here's today's cooking fail:

This is my lovely Apple Crisp. A friends recipe which usually doesn't turn out to bad.
but today I forgot to add flour. and may have put in too much brown sugar.  And saw on another recipe to add a bit of water to keep it juicy.
I opened the oven, to find out why it was smoking... and there it was, bubbling and boiling over.
It's pretty much a pan of caramelized brown sugar.

I'm going to make the Hubby try some anyway. I love how he humors my cooking attempts. This one should be good when he realizes its 80% sugar. lol.

Stay tuned for more Cooking Fails.
I'm going to start posting them as often as they occur. Which lately is often, since SpitFire and my mother want me to try harder. Joke is on them...

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