Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Piece of S*** Car

I am goingto absolutely lose my s***!
My car is a piece of S***

The last problem it had:
It would turn itself off if we came to a full stop, or if it idled below 1. Essentially it would "stall out". My Honey Bear fixed this problem by replacing 4 parts until we found the right on to replace. Now it just chuggs along, as if it has a bad cold.

The new, but old problem, it's doors freeze open in the winter...
Yes I saisd open. As in, they will not close again once opened. They simply swing open as you turn the corners if you are not holding on tight.It did this last year. Today was the first day this winter where it was cold enough for this to happen again.

So this was Me this morning driving to work in my piece of s*** car:
And I drove as fast as I could to get to work and get off the road. This will be my upper body work out for today.

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