Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Sanity

It's Christmas time, and we are full swing, with only 3 weeks until our Wedding Day. It's time for some Girlfriends Guide to surviving the holiday season.
We have SpitFire's bachelor party this weekend, Christmas with my family the next, our wedding the next weekend, and then Christmas with his family the following weekend.

We are officially booked solid until New Years with epic events. How will we survive?

Here is my latest Girlfriends Guide to surviving this crazy month:

Healthy Snacks.
We are so busy, we often do not eat at proper times of day. by 10pm I'm starving.
Last night, I put a snack tray together of Healthy options: Carrots, Hummus, mini sausages, and pickles.
Goal: make sure there are easy to grab and go options in the fridge and cupboard.

Some Ideas for healthy quick foods:
-Veggie and Fruit Trays from your local supermarket
- Jars of Pickles; Mini cocktail sized, and regular sized, in all flavors.
- 2 or more different kinds of Cheese.
- Pre-prepared meals like Costco's Pot Pie, Salad in a bag, frozen stir-fry's.
- Canned items like Tuna, beans, chick peas
- Canada's Food Guide can give you more great ideas

Relaxing Lotions and smells
Bath & Body Works Just opened in our city and we picked up this great set of Spearmint and Eucalyptus Stress Relief line: Hand soap, Body Lotion and Body Scrub.  (It was buy 2 get 1 free! and So affordable!!)
I juts love the hand soap, because its instant relief at any time of day, just by washing up.

Going to bed with a clear & positive mind.
SpitFire and I will sit up and talk out our worries before bed. and then do something fun, like Play a game or read a book. (I keep "The Book of Awesome" next to my bed, so that the last thing I read/think about before falling asleep is something positive.)
The key to this is - you need to get out the bad, talk it out, do not ignore it. Suppressing stress and anxiety only makes it grow worse. Share with a friend or someone you love and who is supportive. But then turn around and let it go. End with something positive. Dont end on a stressful note, because you will sleep horribly.
We have started doing this ourselves, because I've been having nightmares about the wedding and about life events and changes. You can't stop the stress. but you can change your final thoughts and relieve a bit of that anxiety with these tricks. 
Bring on the Christmas Madness!

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