Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stinky Gear and the Big Blue Truck

This week my Roller Derby team has some VIP's here coaching this week. Each night we have a 5 hour skate session. So naturally, there's little time to run from work to practice, and wash my gear in between... yup you know where this is going..

So SpitFire has been lending my his big blue truck while he gets my car fixed - what a sweetheart ;)
Last night I left my gear in the truck after practice. and today it is a scorcher outside!

Major penalty in Derby - Do Not leave your gear in the summer heat! lol... oops. sorry hunny!

So on lunch, I ran out to the truck and opened my bag to air it our before practice. - Cuz I cant stink out my teammates! that would just be rude!
and I spread it out all over his back seat. - I couldn't spread it out in the truck bed, cuz someone might steal something!!!
So I left it in the truck to air out.... windows cracked a bit for breeze flow.... hahaha which there is not much of today.

He's gonna HATE me later.

Did I mention how much I Love my SpitFire?!?! :D *Gigantic Smiley Face*

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