Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Derby Baby May 8th 2012

It is amazing how far we have come with technology. today this is evident more than ever.

Today I sit at my work desk. glued to my cell phone and facebook, eagerly watching and waiting, while a friend updates the birth of her sisters/my friends baby.

and this is no ordinary baby. No. This is a Derby Baby! Our whole Roller Derby team feels attached to this little bug.

We were in our 3rd last game of the season last year. Mo'Rocko, our team captain, was Jamming, after weeks of working up her strength and stamina to debut this game as a jammer. We lost the game, but won the after party! and Mo killed on the track!

Then Mo took a hiatus from Practice for a few days. She told us she was "sick". When she came back, she dropped a bomb on us. She was pregnant! Her Derby career was being put on hold for a magical bundle of joy. This was the first pregnancy in our league since we started the league a short year and a half before.

As months went by, We attended a very derby wedding, and then a very derby baby shower. Our team had specific "Roller Derby Baby Parties", and we shared in the life changes taking place with our beloved team captain, now turned coach.

It was too exciting to sit behind my computer screen and see that first update on this mornings news feed - In the Delivery room!  - followed by 25 comments.

Update #2 - its a long night but still doing well - followed by 20-40 more comments.

Update #3 - need positive vibes for baby and mommy. - followed by every team mate dropping a thought into the feed. all anxiously waiting the news.

and finally, the last update: It's A Boy!!!!! Mommy and Baby are doing great! - hundreds of comments followed. hundreds of smiles at our little derby baby. The name was revealed, and naturally, our Teammates started nicknaming the little Guy with fighting Derby names. He will be a scrapper no doubt, with a team full of moms. He will be so loved, and is so special, He will have a wonderful life.

Today I was over the moon, vicariously living through a teammate and new mommy, every step of the way. Today was a reminder of how wonderful this life really is and how lucky we are to have so much at our finger tips.

Congratulations to My Friend, Teammate, Captain, Coach, and now, Mommy. I can't wait to watch that little bundle of joy grow into a terror!

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